Writing a good story…

Writing while drinking wine from a Tardis mug.

I regret nothing.

Writing a good story involves setting yourself aside. At least, for me it does. Maybe that’s why so many writers drink. It’s tough playing Frankenstein and giving life to so many different personalities in your head. Combine that with the art of crafting a story with a definite ending and throw in some discouraging remarks from an asshole professor and you’ve got a masterpiece. The asshole professor at least made me realize that I couldn’t write a good story without at least trying to access some emotions.

One of the challenges I face is not writing the same story over and over. That’s a trap that some writers can fall into when they only read one type of story, or when they don’t read anything at all. In my case, it comes from lack of imagination. I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m not convinced I’m as creative as I seem. I think I just like making things happen to people. On paper, at least. I couldn’t do it in real life. Not the things I write about. That kind of thing results in legal disputes.


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